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Participation at the Infrastructure Regional Conference held in Bucharest, Romania
Published Date: 14.03.2015   

Within the period between the 12th and 13th of March, the President of ARMIC Association, Mr. Valeriu Severin, attended the first FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers)

Within the period between the 12th and 13th of March, the President of ARMIC Association, Mr. Valeriu Severin, attended the first FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) conference in Romania in cooperation with EFCA (European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations): "FIDIC / ARIC / EFCA Infrastructure Regional Conference".

At this conference it was analyzed and discussed the implementation of FIDIC Contract Conditions in a sphere mostly governed by public law, by regulation of the new EU Public Procurement Directives, and their use in practice in Romania and other countries of this region, focusing on infrastructure investments.

The conference lasted two days, with 38 speakers, these being regionally and internationally recognized law experts, as well as members of FIDIC committees and working panels. The conference was attended by about 100 participants representing 20 European countries and Japan.

During the first day of the Conference the discussions were focused on FIDIC Contract Conditions and Procurement, being discussed the following topics: the new EU Directives on Public Procurement, their incorporation into the national standard norms, the impact of these standard norms on FIDIC contracts, the use of FIDIC Contracts for road infrastructure. Similarly, there were reviewed the main forms of FIDIC Contracts, the way of interventions through modifications of these contracts, the comparative analysis of FIDIC contracts applied in the common system of Anglo-Saxon law against to the civil (continental) one.

During the second day of the Conference, the discussions were focused on the management of claims, on prevention and settlement of disputes. Special attention was given to discussions on the significance of Dispute Adjudication Boards and of well-trained adjudicators. In the second half of the day, discussed were the topics related to integrity of procurement procedures, after which being discussed the issue of trainings on FIDIC Contract Conditions and the experience on the use of FIDIC Contracts by CIS countries.

The president of ARMIC Association, as a speaker, briefly presented the construction phases at the national level compared with those included in FIDIC contracts, going on further with a small introduction about the experience of Moldova (as seen by the member-companies of ARMIC Association) on use of FIDIC Contract Conditions. He also revealed, in this context, the importance of gaining knowledge and experience on the use of FIDIC Contract Conditions and the need to strengthen the engineers’ capacities at the national level as related to these contract types, especially now in the pre-accession period of Moldova to the European Union.

Further, the president pointed to some problems faced by local engineers when applying the FIDIC Contract Conditions, due to differences between FIDIC regulatory framework compared with the national regulatory framework.

On the whole, the participation at this conference was an important occasion for exchange of knowledge and experience on issues related to infrastructure procurements at the regional level and to the use of FIDIC Contract Conditions, allowing to find the common solutions and the way how to strengthen the voice of consulting engineers and other stakeholders of this sphere so as to address these issues at the national level.

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